Sunday, 8 October 2017

Terrain and basing update

We can't always be painting miniatures, sometimes we need to do stuff that's not as exciting but none the less essential.

First up I am restarting my 15mm terrain collection for WW2, I knocked out a couple of Peter Pig farm buildings, I'm avoiding anything too urban and just going for rural stuff where possible.

I've had a bag of Noch fir trees for ages and had started basing them and then moved on to other things, I forced myself to finished them. These are good for 6mm or 10mm and I fancy adding another bag of these.

I have based up some of the cheap Chinese trees, noticeably not as good as the firs but these are pennies per tree. I've more of these to base.

More Warbases skirmish trays for Sharp Practice to save me having to swap figures around.

These are single penny rings that I have added tiny 2mm high numbers, this gives me with this set 8 red and blue big men numbered 1 to 8 and green numbered 1 to 4. Useful in identifying your character figures during the game.

As an example here's red one and two.

Yesterday I popped along to the Derby Worlds show, now sited in rural Leicestershire. The show was well lit but the hall was a little cramped as they run several competition games over both days. 

Success was had as I picked up both my wagon and limber team for my 28mm ACW collection along with the Fall of the Reich supplement for Battlegroup - sorry Stu no stats for your Maus!

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Stuart S said...

Great idea for the Bigmen Paul.
Looks like I will just have to make up the stats for the Maus it must get an outing at some point :-)