Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Battlegroup WW2 - a first run through

The Battlegroup WW2 rules published by The Plastic Soldier Company have been around for a few years, recently they have printed a new core rulebook, a Battle of the Bulge book and a reprint of their Overlord book. A Market Garden volume is next in the works whilst a Cold War version is being worked on. Lots going on there and I wanted to have a run through the rules to see how they played.

Picking a straightforward scenario and a couple of small forces from my collection, we sat down to run through the game. I believe in the couple of hours we had, the rules certainly proved themselves, we had a few questions and I was able to solve those with a quiet read through the rule book afterwards.

Each turn you receive a number of orders, invariably less than you need, orders are used to activate teams, annoyingly called squads in the rules, the turn passes to your opponent when complete. As teams are destroyed or rallied, players draw counters and when the value of your counters exceeds your Battle Rating, your remaining troops withdraw and you lose.

My WW2 collection has been in storage for more than three years and it was good to see it again. Looking at my US vehicles I can see I need to get more decals and add some markings to many of these but it wouldn't take long. I've another 10 Shermans and some more infantry.

The Germans have some unfinished Fallschirmjager, so many plans, so little time. I'm off to the 'Worlds' at the weekend, I'll have a look out for more terrain bits and pieces.

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Stuart S said...

Keen to give it a crack next outing it did look interesting.