Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tales from oddly shaped dice

A couple of years ago I started playing D&D again regularly joining in a localish adventure league game. AL is an organised play program organised by participating retailers, sessions are limited to 2 hours and characters will not rise above 4th level, as fun as this is, players can easily drop in and out as needed, its rather like starting a book and giving up after a few chapters.

Early this year I managed to find another group locally. To start we played a few sessions of "The Black Hack" an old school inspired cut down fantasy game. The rules are available from their publisher Squarehex at a bargain price of £7.50 including the DM screen and a scenario.

We have know progressed on to Labyrinth Lord, a classic clone of D&D (and AD&D with the advanced supplement), this is available as a free download or as a printed version with added artwork.

My character, a cleric called Bartholomew, is mastering turning zombies and casting "Cure Light Wounds" whilst we battle through the lair of a long dead wizard. Great fun! 

All this has proved so much fun that we've started another campaign playing "Call of Cthulhu", another game I've not played since the mid 90's. There's a new 7th edition out now and all existing material is backwardly compatible. 

I plan running my own Cthulhu game too but I will move the action to Victorian England rather than 1920s New England.

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