Friday, 31 March 2017

Snowshill Manor

We recently payed a visit to Snowshill Manor, a quite local National Trust property which contained the collection of eccentric former owner, Charles Paget Wade. Wade collected anything which interested him, the collection became so large, he moved out of the house and in to a former priests house in the grounds.

There's lots to interest visitors but nothing is labelled and any questions on the objects have to be directed to the volunteer guides which is a bit of a pain. But whats there to interest the wargamer and history buff?

Wade seem to have taken a liking to the orient and managed to collect a great selection of Samurai weapons and armour. 

Here's me wearing a heavy reproduction helmet and face mask.

Some Civil War period breastplates and helmets, here paired with buff coats.

An eclectic mix of the medieval and renaissance weapons, including a pair of German Two Handed Swords, "Zweihänder"  wielded by the Landschneckt.

Civil War / Seventeenth Century Cuirassier armour 


Michael Awdry said...

What a stunning collection and amazing photographs!

Stuart S said...

A place to spend half a day - Although dressing up Paul it's a slippery slope I tell you :-)