Friday, 31 March 2017

Snowshill Manor

We recently payed a visit to Snowshill Manor, a quite local National Trust property which contained the collection of eccentric former owner, Charles Paget Wade. Wade collected anything which interested him, the collection became so large, he moved out of the house and in to a former priests house in the grounds.

There's lots to interest visitors but nothing is labelled and any questions on the objects have to be directed to the volunteer guides which is a bit of a pain. But whats there to interest the wargamer and history buff?

Wade seem to have taken a liking to the orient and managed to collect a great selection of Samurai weapons and armour. 

Here's me wearing a heavy reproduction helmet and face mask.

Some Civil War period breastplates and helmets, here paired with buff coats.

An eclectic mix of the medieval and renaissance weapons, including a pair of German Two Handed Swords, "Zweihänder"  wielded by the Landschneckt.

Civil War / Seventeenth Century Cuirassier armour 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

March Painting Part 2 - Beyond the Gates of Antares Algoryn

So just before the end of January I popped up to the Warlord Games grand opening of their onsite store and played a demo of Beyond The Gates of Antares. I liked the look of the Algoryn faction - I though they would make great generic aliens for many games.

I split the newer, smaller starter set with Dane and I have added a few bits from eBay sellers and from Warlord at Hammerhead. Just less than two months, they are complete! Well as complete as any army can be, there are some skimmer bikes heading this way from eBay as we speak!

Here is the complete force now its been flocked and tufted.

In real life there is a little more contrast in the red shades but otherwise its a pretty standard paint scheme.

Here's the metal command squad - soon to be replaced by a plastic multi part kit.


Mag Light Support

Avenger Attack Skimmer with Mag Cannon

Medic Team

Armoured Infantry

Armoured Infantry Assault Squad

They have already had one game, which true to form with newly painted figures, they lost although I'm sure we got a few things wrong.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Painting March Part 1

Painting has been patchy lately particularly due to the lack of suitable undercoating and varnishing weather which mainly takes place in the garden. I've got a few fantasy bits and pieces first.

Maggots from Heresy Miniatures

Mummy by Northstar, Liche from Otherworld, Kobolds are Reaper Bones, I don't recall where the dog came from.

These two are Frostgrave retainers.

And now Historicals .....

From Perry Miniatures we have a pack of civilians from their AWI range that will serve for the French Indian War and up to the Napoleonic wars.

Finally from Wargames Illustrated and their 'Giants in Miniature' personalities range, we have Colonel Durnford and Harry Flashman. The final figure is Patton, a freebie from Warlord Games.