Sunday, 22 January 2017

Painting update January 2017

My painting seems to have kicked off with a spurt in 2017 following my recent eye test and the news I knew all along that, although I'd managed for 48 years, now I needed reading glasses. Painting has become more of a pleasure. I have resolved to clear stuff that has lurked around half painted, so expect the weird and esoteric mixed with more conventional historical miniatures.

Bad Squiddo Games - Queen Elizabeth I

Ristals Market - Scarecrows (available from Bad Squiddo Games too!)

Black Tree Designs - Medieval Peasants. These were only started Thursday night and may even see a game later today! 

Here they are mixed in to their unit for Lion Rampant, other figures are from Wargames Foundry.

This boy armed with a black powder pistol was a freebie from Northstar,

Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses casualties. These will be battered markers for Lion Rampant.

Front Rank Medium Cannon and crew. 

Front Rank Bombard and crew. I will be adding a further two crew to each of these and making a custom base for them. The large shield will eventually sport a decal when I can find an appropriate design.

So whats next, well in the half painted and abandoned pile there are some Perry AWI civilians for Muskets and Tomahawks (hopefully Peninsular War too), mounted officers for Britain and France, four plastic Romans and a trio of historical characters. Lets hope I can keep up the momentum.


Stuart S said...

Old age is coming to us all buddy... :-(
Makes me think I need to get more games in for 2017.
Some great additions to your collections.

Phil said...

Fantastic looking units, I like especially the Scarecrows and guns!

Michael Awdry said...

My word, you have been busy, fabulous work Sir.