Thursday, 4 February 2016

Finally got Frostgrave to the table

At our last club night Stuart and I took Frostgrave out for its first spin, we managed to get stuff wrong, like you do on a first play through, but we had a great game.

Here's some shots of  the 3x3 table on my Deepcut Studios mat, buildings are 4ground, em4 and Conflix. I still need more odd bits of scatter terrain and as you can see it's set post thaw as I didn't won't to cover everything with snow.

We played Enchanter Vs Necromancer with the well scenario.

A couple of stand out spells were Telekinesis and Grenade, Bone Dart was also useful. Don't be tempted to take too many high difficulty spells to start with, you get as much experience for easy spells as hard ones and can use your 'experience' to make the few harder ones you have easier to cast.

Stuart managed to steal more treasure than me but we were broadly equal in experience. No one died although his wizard and apprentice were quite wounded.

On my painting table are two boxes of Perry plastic Wars of the Roses cavalry, I'm not getting too much painting time and who likes painting horses? Hope to finish them soon and paint something else before my March 1st deadline.

I also got a nice suprise as I had a packet from Osprey in the post. I'd painted a couple of figures for Dan Mersey for Dragon Rampant that appeared in the rulebook and now also on the cover of Miniature Wargames. They sent me another copy of Dragon Rampant and a copy of En Garde. En Garde looks great and just what I wanted for my Three Musketeers games, that's another project to find time for this year!