Wednesday, 21 December 2016

To save a queen ......

I had collected a couple of sets of rules for gaming swashbuckling action in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. We decided to start with Flashing Steel, a Songs of Blades and Heroes variant from Ganesha Games.

If you have played any of the SoBH games you will be right at home with these, two stats Quality and Combat plus special rules or traits. We played with fairly balanced forces at approx 500 points each. In our scenario, Queen Elizabeth has taken refuge in the farm, perhaps she was taken ill, her retainers are on their way to collect her. Meanwhile at sea, the Spanish hearing the news plot to land troops, seize the Queen and take her back to Spain for Phillip to make her his bride and seize the English throne.

The farm is from EM4, Bridge from Hovels, trees and hedges from Last Valley. Miniatures are from Foundry apart from the Queen who's from Bad Squiddo Games.

Here's the Queen with her bodyguard.

The English arquebusiers and swordsman and led on the table.

The Spanish leave their boats and advance.

They choose to leave their sword and buckler men behind and race for the farm. Meanwhile their fanatical assassin has reached the farm and is approaching the English. The arquebusiers take cover behind a wall.

The Spaniards open fire and but do no damage. The Assasin sieges his opportunity and attacks the arquebusiers driving one of table with his fearful demeanour. The English open fire on the Spaniard causing him the fall to the ground. The English hero charges and administers a coup de grace.

The Spanish have now advanced in to range and continue to fire whilst the sword and buckler man try to force the sturdy farm gates.

English swordsmen are working their way to cut off the route to the boats.

The English have to charge to protect the farm and melee with the Spanish.

As the swordsmen advance, the English Arquebusiers and hero are killed, the swordsmen scatter but gather themselves enough to engage the Spanish at the gate. The Spanish aren't able to force the gate and as the day draws to a close they retire to their boats.


Phil said...

Wonderful pictures, a very atmospheric village!

Stuart S said...

Enjoyable game Paul.
It would be good to try the same scenario using cutlass!