Sunday, 20 November 2016


Sunday took us to Reading for Warfare, traditionally our last show on the Wargames show calendar. After sitting in traffic due to an accident on the M40 we eventually rolled up about 9am and began setting up our Somme game. Figures and terrain provided by Paul and Sally at Kallistra.

No trip to a show is without a shopping list, here's today's haul;

  • Zulu huts from Empress - these are for next weekends game, got to get them painted this week.

  • SwordPoint from Gripping Beast - new ancients and medieval rules

  • Tufts from Great Escape Games

  • 1/2400th Napoleonic ships from Tumbling Dice, inspired by my recent game of Trafalgar, the Langton 1/1200 models were too complex and delicate. This is a good compromise, 8 ships for the price of 1 of the bigger and easier to build.

  • Movement trays for more Zulu units

  • Queen Elizabeth I from Bad Squiddo Games

  • 10mm ECW Parliamentarian army bag from Pendraken - I've wanted to try Pendraken for a while, I'm hoping this pack will build two forces for Pikemans Lament as well as get me started for Pike and Shot.

  • MDF Fountain and summoning circle from Blotz - spotted these as I was leaving the show, super cheap kits for Frostgrave but I could see that fountain in Three Musketeers type games.

  • Friday I went in to Birmingham Waterstones to see and hear Simon Scarrow launch his new book. Was great to hear how he started on writing, his method and plans for the future. He was kind enough to sign my last paperback.


    Michael Awdry said...

    Glad to hear the show went well and a great haul too.

    The Kiwi said...

    Awesome. Love those Macro and Cato books. So cool to get him to sign a book. great stuff. cheers

    Stuart S said...

    Great day Paul - Now stop blogging and get those huts painted :-)