Friday, 23 September 2016

The Men Who Would Be Kings

Finally after whats seems like months of waiting, TMWWBK was finally published at the end of September and I have a copy of my own. Our Colonial collections have been languishing in their storage boxes for a couple of years now since we tried them with a unpublished version of Warhammer Colonials. We've also played Black Powder but that's more for bigger games and The Sword and The Flame, which is closer to the spirit and scale of these rules but with limited distribution outside America.

We played our first game recently using Stuart's Boxer war collection in 15mm. Great fun was had dispite us generally rolling up some quite poor leaders. Pinning units is quite key in this game, quality can win over quantity but it's in no way certain.

On to the game, this is another 'grand skirmish' sized game. Expect European forces around 40 or 50 figures, whilst their colonial opposition will be larger, say 60 to 100 figures. This is achievable in 28mm especially with plastic kits from Perry or Warlord. The rules will also happily work in other scales, so long as you can break your units down to show and track casualties. 

Players take turns activating units. They can take their free action, which depends on their type, or you can roll to carry out another action. Typically European Regulars can shoot for free whilst Tribal Infantry might be able to move. Shooting and Combat are rolled per figure involved and units must take a test if casualties are inflicted, fail that and you are pinned and unable to move. Subsequent rally actions are easier to perform but rely on your unit leader, failure will result in a retreat move.

Many players will be pleased to find a set of rules for solo play, Mr Babbage, who typically will play against the Europeans. This could also be used for a large multi player game where the players play against the game rather the each other.

We are planning a large multi player game in November and I am needing to get some painting done soonish, I already have the following;

  • Six units, 24 points of Zulus painted and a further 4 units, 16 points unassembled and unpainted.
  • Two units, 12 points of regular British and a gun and crew painted with another unit, six points unpainted.
  • Three units, 24 points of Boers unpainted.
  • Two units, 12 points of Naval Brigade plus a Nordenfelt gun painted.

Finishing that off will keep me busy.

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Michael Awdry said...

Great to see you getting a game in Paul, when I get some more time to myself I am looking forward to exploring the solo play rules.