Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Battle of Squirrel Wood

Today we held one of our all day clubs, this gives us opportunity to have a bigger game than a normal club night.

Stuart wrote up a scenario passed on the Battle of Cowpens, details can be found on his blog; Carl brought his extensive figure collection for us to use for the day.

As part of the American team, we purchased additional Lvl 1 big men, a water cart, ammo cart and a couple of additional infantry groups. The British bought an additional artillery piece as well I believe an additional big man.

Aided by almost two complete runs of cards before Tiffin, we managed to,deploy all our light troops from the forward deployment point and began to harass the British. British artillery opened up on the skirmishers causing light casualties but it was the cavalry charging in that caused the majority of American losses.

The cavalry was very effective against the infantry but was spent, caught in the open they were shot up on their retreat. Meanwhile light troops entering the woods on the American left tied down almost the whole of that wing as it got to involved winkling them out.

With the cavalry repeatly hit by American light troops, their brigade collapsed, retiring off table taking the artillery with them. The British right finally start to get moving, too little to late. The left advance taking fire from rebel troops losing and the British CinC is wounded.

The American line troops form along the ridge line but never get the opportunity to fire their muskets as the game ends with an American victory.

This was a great day, full of fun and laughter and some of those great moments which will go down in club legend.

Meanwhile in the other end of the hall, Ian together with some of the guys from the Redditch club put on a large multi player Dropzone game, table looked great and I particularly loved the overpass.

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Stuart S said...

Great day, might have to lift a couple of your pic's for my blog...
Although worried about the adult filter due to Chris's bad language.. :-)