Saturday, 3 September 2016

Scenic bits and Sharp Practice deployment points

Inspired by my recent Last Valley hedgerow acquisitions I needed some bigger fields, I went in search of the classic doormat for wheatfields, I'm still looking but I picked up a cheap ridged doormat. I cut it up and then gave a spray with Halfords camouflage brown to tone down the grey threads. With that done the pieces got a brush of red brown then added a selection of flock and tufts with PVA.

Fresh from Partizan, the Ainsty Castings Celtic cross, just a simple base coat, wash and highlight. This piece will see service across Dark Age Britain and beyond.

I have had a bag full of Chinese plastic aqairium plants for a few years stashed away. I've needed some template bases and managed to pick some up on eBay vey cheaply. I decided to use a couple to make a couple of rough ground pieces using plaster rocks from a Woodland Scenics mould.

Sharp Practice uses deployment points, 60mm in diameter. Many others have made dedicated vignettes for their forces but being less free with my painting time I thought I'd make some generic multi purpose bases. Here are the first five, I've ideas for others but need to secure the relevant terrain pieces first.

I have used the top layers of single penny regiment trays, overlapping them and cutting off the excess to minimise space, these are then glued to the base and the height built up with MDF off cuts and filler. Two use more of the Woodland Scenics rocks, another barrels from Renedra and Reaper whilst the last two are made from a  campfire set sourced on eBay.

Here are the bases with Perry and Front Rank Napoleonic British Riflemen.

And now with some of my Perry Wars of The Roses.

I'm currently "enjoying" basing large numbers of trees suitable for 6mm games and adding some more bits and pieces for my Austrian army.

Last weekend I played my first game of Blucher, great fun although I'm still needing to get my head around the rules and how the units move on the tabletop. Tomorrow we have a large Sharp Practice game refighting the Battle of the Cowpens from the American War of the Independence.

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Michael Awdry said...

I love the look of these, partially the deployment bases, wonderful work.