Friday, 23 September 2016

A Tale of Two Castles Part 2 - The Tower of London

Last weekend we made a trip to London specifically to visit the Tower of London, cheap tickets on the train also got us half price entry in to the Tower.  when we thing of the Tower we usually picture the Norman 'White Tower' but the Tower has been expanded in to a enormous complex almost like a village inside.

The moat was drained and filled in on the instructions of Wellington who also had all the animals shipped out to form London Zoo.

There is so much to see you could easily spend most of a day here. The shot below shows the inside of the Byward tower. To the right is Mint Street, the original location of the Royal Mint.

Traitors Gate

The White Tower now a Royal Armouries museum 

Waterloo Barracks, now the home of the Crown Jewels

The Itish Guards were on duty

The guns were captured at Waterloo

The Yeoman Warders AKA Beefeaters are all servicemen with at least 22 years service, a good conduct medal and have reached at least the rank of Warrant Officer or Senior NCO. 37 Warders plus the Chief Warder live on site with their families. They give tours of the site and are very funny.

The 'Bloody Tower'

 Tower Green and the Queen's House

The Scaffold Site - Royalty and Nobility were beheaded here, others had a public execution on Tower Hill

The Norman keep was built on the site of a Roman Fortifications

The White Tower is full of armour and weapons, much related to the Tudor and Stuart era.

You could recreate the inside of the Tower complex with some suitable castle walls and a cobblestone mat, buildings line the inner walls of the outer bastion. The mint could be robbed or rescue attempts on famous prisoners could be made.

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Michael Awdry said...

It is a splendid site, we went up to see the poppies and then made the mistake of going round the castle itself - only a mistake because of the vast amount of people there.