Sunday, 7 August 2016

Evesham Battlefield Walk

Whilst at the Tewkesbury Medieval festival, I bought a Graham Turner print, here it is in the hall complete with my girlfriends bunting!

This week was the 751st anniversary of the Battle of Evesham, I'd walked the battle site before but this weekend had the opportunity to join a guided tour by The Battlefields Trust. We lingered in the park whilst the local dignatories laid their wreath on the memorial, in leui of a photo, here's the War Memorial and a shot of the Bell Tower.

The talk took us walking out of town to the small meadow associated with the battle and here's a shot of the information board. The battle happened all across the top of the hill, 12.000 infantry and cavalry take up a lot a space.

On the gaming front I have taken delivery of lots of roads and rivers suitable for 6mm and 10mm gaming and finished a refurb of my old WW2 Soviets. I've only found some of the infantry, still to dig out the rest. Bases on vehicles are not to everyone's taste, but I like that it keeps the vehicles from knocking all the paint off, also you can do little dioramas. 

Tonight's game at the club was going to be Blucher but my opponent had to cancel, I popped along to say Hi and got a quick game of The Great War by PSC Games, great fun as are all the Commands and Colours type games.

Next up, the long awaiting wagons and artillery.

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