Monday, 15 August 2016

Artillery, Civilians and Wagons

I have been focusing on models for Sharp Practice and have had some of these for a while and finally cleared them of the painting table.

The first of my Napoleonic artillery, a medium gun and crew for the British.

Here's the equivalent piece and crew for the French. All these castings are from Front Rank, great castings with no mould lines or flash and available singly.

They also do period civilians, here's most of the first two packs apart from a mounted gent still on the painting table.

At Salute I also picked up the Sharp Practice wagon pack.

Ammunition cart

Engineers cart

Water cart


I have a couple a drovers from Westphalia to go with the wagons and I need to source a driver for the carraige.

Finally here's a couple of Reaper Bones Dire Wolves for Frostgrave and D&D.

After finishing the rebasing of the WW2 Soviets I've been keen to continue to scratch my 6mm itch but I can't find the infantry and don't recall seeing them for a few years. I've bitten the bullet and put an order in to Adler to replace them. I expect them to turn up any moment.

Meanwhile I have had delivery of the Austrian deck for Blucher and broken up the last of my Austrian infantry bases, these have been glued back on to 60mm X 30mm MDF and I need to paint three more command groups.

Saturday we visited Haye on Wye and I managed to pick up a few books, mainly on the English Civil Wars and particularly focusing on local actions, more reading while we wait on the new Baccus range.

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