Sunday, 10 July 2016

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2016

Things have been quiet here on the painting front, a number of things almost finished so nothing to see yet - expect lots of stuff for Sharpe Practice 2 like wagons, civilians, artillery and more Brits!

When these are done I want to focus more on 6mm for a while, finish the ACW and the Austrian rebasing before I move on to anything else and to encourage me I'm off to Joy of 6 in Sheffield this weekend for more inspiration and supplies.

I have picked another box of Perry European mercenaries up, I'm planning on adding two or three groups of pikemen to the Wars of the Roses collection. Also a few more figures have been added to my Three Musketeers project, more Brigade, some Bicorne dragoons and Warlord casualties - I'm looking to play En Garde with these. Lots of plans, just need action now!

Last weekend was the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival and we did a battlefield walk a couple of days before to prepare, although too many of the main characters have similar names, it gets confusing.

The Festival is enormous, the trade has a countless number of traders selling crafts, reenactment supplies like clothes, weapons and armour, food and drink etc. I bought a Graham Turner print, the frame arrives next week so that will be going up on the wall. Below are some photos and videos from the relight on Saturday.

The next post will be all about The Joy of Six!

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Stuart S said...

Looked like a fine day out Paul.
Might have to advert my eyes in your next post :-)