Monday, 18 July 2016

The Joy of 6 Sheffield 17th July 2016

The Joy of 6 is a specialised show organised by Pete Berry of Baccus, dedicated to the much overlooked 6mm scale. The games and traders were picked for their relevance to the 6mil gamer. The show was easy to find, plenty of signs pointing the Sheffield Hallam university.

The first stop was the cafe for a much needed cuppa and sausage butty, food here was very cheap, a refreshing change from other shows. I took plenty of pictures, many for my own inspiration, here are just a selection.

First up, Dresden my MAD gamers, using Black Powder.

This great walled town is from Total Battle Miniatures.

Ligny by Leicester Wargames

Brittania by Mailed Fist, the Boudiccan revolt using Hail Ceasar. The wooded areas lift off the bases, so troops can be placed underneath, a great idea done with a plastic base and lots of clump foliage.

Red Effect by Cold War Commanders

Every modern game needs its town, I like how buildings have been based. Roads are a mixture of Z gauge railway terrain and homemade on cheap floor tiles.

The cooling towers are 3D prints from Brigade, wish they would make these in resin as the prints are£13 each!

Finally on this games, a couple of examples of the building bases. All buildings are from Timecast.

Hougemont by Lee Sharpe and Ian Willey.

Saga in 6mm by Per Broden assisted by Neil Shuck.

Old Puttees by Baccus showcasing their WW1 range using Great War Spearhead.

The Somme by Robert Dunlop

Pharsalus by Andrew Brentnall using To The Strongest.

Commission Figurines make buildings in MDF and have made the first figures in lasercut MDF, just released are some Marian Romans, great details at a fab price 96 figures for just £2!

Their game mixes their own wooden figures with more traditional lead sculpts.

DBMM presented by Milton Keynes

WW2 Ground Attack by Leeds WS using Check your 6!

The Bridge at Remagen by Deeside Defenders

Skalitz by RAF Cranwall

Battle for Ponyri by Luton Lancers using IABSM3

Break the Line by David Elks and Tim Rogers

Battle of Wilton by The Legion of Blokes.

A new release from Total Battle Miniatures, a superb Motte and Bailey castle and village.

Superb painting on this game set during the reign of Stephen and Matila.

The smallest game, Operation Bagration by Seebee games

Dan Hodgson put two Star Wars games on, both the Battle for Hoth and the Battle of Endor. This guy has lots of X-Wing ships.

Heroics and Ros had plenty of nice new releases on show.

Baccus had their new WW2 ranges on show as well a sample of their coming soon vehicle range. The model, a Sherman, looked great, but I'd love to see it next to other models on the market. The infantry I think sit mid way between Adler and GHQ for size. The detail is good but with the advancing and firing infantry packs being 96 figs, you will have plenty of spare castings. I think I will be picking up some of these later in the year when I return to WW2 in 6mm.

Pete also shared the news that he was withdrawing the ECW range soon as the range is being resculpted and expanded later in the year. This was well received and I'll certainly be interested in seeing what comes out.

I managed to keep my purchases to Leven, picking up a few more adobes for our Sudan , another stone bridge, farm buildings for ACW and the La Haye Sainte farm house which is good for WW2 and Napoleonics. Next club I'll be giving Blucher a run out whilst continuing to chip away at my 28mm Napoleonics for Sharp Practice although I'm know brimming over for moving my 6mm projects forward.

Remember, the bigger the battle, the smaller the models!