Friday, 13 May 2016

Sharp Practice 2 a first play though

I finally finished the first half of the Perry British Line Infantry box, I will pop up a photo of them all when the other half are finished, but here's a teaser.

I've picked up an artillery piece for the British and French along with some civilians from Front Rank. I've forgotten how nice their figures are, they don't do shows any more due to the costs, but they are well worth having a look at and all figures XAN be bought individually.

We decided to have a run through Sharp Practice 2 now we had our new rule books and cards. There is enough different to trip you up, so read carefully. The different role of the command cards adds some more chance for tactics. Here's a coils of in game shots, there is bound to be more games in the future as we have figures for the French Indian War, AWI and ACW in quantity within club members.

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Michael Awdry said...

It does look awfully tempting.