Friday, 13 May 2016

Liberty or Death

I recently subscribed to the new Wargames Illustrated Prime, basically an online subscription with access to all their back issues. I got an email saying I had won a prize, the massive Libery or Death box from Warlord Games.

The box is large and crammed with plastic sprues. Many of these were originally sold by Wargames Factory and now retooled by Warlord. As a starter box, it's great value as includes British Line, Hessians, Militia, Continentals, Artillery and Indians and three resin artillery positions. Also included, from 4ground is their MDF block house, a wagon and some zig zag fences.

Many of the figures have head variants, the British can be made as musketeers, grenadiers and lights. The Hessians can be musketeers, fusiliers and grenediers whilst 6 are jagers. Militia have both civilian dress and hunting shirts. Finally the Continentals can be made as line or lights.

In all this is a great box for Sharp Practice or Muskets and Tomahawks, as a starter for Black Powder it would provide a division for each side. For now I am concentrating my 28mm painting on my Napoleonics, but when these fight to the top of the painting pile I will paint those bits compatible with my French Indian Wars figures first.

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Michael Awdry said...

What a result, many congratulations!