Sunday, 22 May 2016

A quick Edgehill visit

There's a really good, thought provoking article in the current issue of Miniature Wargames, regarding tactics in the English Civil Wars by Andy Copestake (of Old Glory UK fame). Over the years I have started and sold three Parliamentarian forces, 15mm Mikes Models, 6mm Baccus and 28mm Foundry but I've never completed one.

The period does continue to interest me, not only is Edgehill pretty close but Powick and Worcester are even closer. Perhaps in the future I'll try again. I'd meant to visit Edgehill for years and today we literally drove past so on the way home we stopped off for a pint at The Castle.

The Castle pub, is an eighteenth century folly with fabulous views over the battlefield in the fields below. Alas much of the battle site has been compromised by the MOD since it took ownership in 1940, perhaps in the future we might see access improved.

They have some great views, alas today's weather didn't help, the battle was fought between the villages of Edgehill and Kineton in the middle distance.

In the pub garden, there's a information board with Osprey artwork.

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Stuart S said...

Looks like a good day out.
And a trip to the pub to boot :-)