Sunday, 17 April 2016

Salute 2016

Yesterday we got up oh so early and headed off to London for Salute, arriving before 8am, many traders had yet to set up. We were shortly joined by Paul from Kallistra who gave us a briefing on today's game.

This years haul was intentionally modest, I've far too much in the painting queue, so we have;

I managed to stay away from the Iron Duke Indian Mutiny figures and whilst the Cape Wars book looked nice as did the new Perry figures, I managed to keep my nerve and walk away wallet intact.

Here's Murray and Chris mid turn, in the end the British got in to the German first line of trenches but at a terrible cost. All figures and terrain by Kallistra.

The next few tables are from 4Ground and we mostly taken before the doors opened. Firstly a very wintery Frostgrave table.

15mm Sci Fi

La Haye Sainte, Waterloo


Modern Europe in 15mm

Fantasy / Medieval

28mm Science Fiction

Modern Urban

Now for some games, first is the RAF Wargamers and their Minion racing game based on Formula De

ACW - Battle of Antietam

40mm The Battle of Adrados

Foteviken 1134

Crooked Dice 7TV Star Wars

Crooked Dice 7TV Inch high Spy-Fi

Crooked Dice 7TV - Scooby Do

Batman Miniatures Game

Batman Miniatures Game

15mm Sci-Fi Gruntz

28mm Post Apocalypse

Freebooters Fate

Victrix 54mm Peninsular War

Oshiro Model Terrain - The Adventures of Paul Drake

Tet Offensive - Vietnam 28mm

Bill Gaskin and Friends - Seven Years War

Some previews from the Warlord stand, excellent Judoon and Zygons but what is going on with the "David Tennant" figure - it looks nothing like him. From the official forthcoming Dr Who game.

A quick shot of some new stuff for Gates of Antares, not played the game but the figures are looking fab!

Spartan Games had a massive area with demos of all their current games plus previews of their forthcoming Halo ground wars game and WWW2. First up is an enormous ship, still in scale with their Halo fleet game.

15mm Warthogs from Halo, we saw these last year, they are looking very nice. The game was on pre-order with a free 54mm collectable model,

Covenant grunts and ghosts. These figures are great and are a must have. The game itself is element based but I prefer my Sci-Fi at a lower level, so just rebase on mdf disks.

The only other things to catch my eye were the 10mm resistance packs for Dropzone Commander, I think these would make for great vehicles and drivers for car wars! Now where was that link about playing gridless?