Monday, 28 March 2016

Show Catchup

I realised I had not posted up about my first couple of shows of 2016 and Salute is just over two weeks away. The club took Stu's 'Water Margin' game using the Songs of Blades and Heroes engine. The game was a lot of fun and was enjoyed my everyone who played it and everyone went away with fortune cookies as a prize.

We have had some fun with this and I grabbed a box of the Fireforge Steppe Nomad foot to add some Mongol invaders, Stu has already bought reinforcements to cope!

Here are some great chunky ruins, designed for Frostgrave but usable for many games. Available from Darkopsgaming on eBay.

Crooked Dice Games put on a Star Wars game using their new version of 7TV.

Next to our game was this Cape Wars game with a great custom fleece gaming mat. Figures are from 1st Corps

Some weird war action reminding me of Raiders of the Lost Ark - Hysterical Games - Battle of Grunewuste.

A massive 28mm Black Hawk Down game from Dave and Malc AKA Victorian Steel.

South London Warlords bought up their Stingray game.

Microscale fantasy makes the battles look like proper battles rather than a skirmish.Leeds Wargames Club - The Battle Forever.

Northstar brought their Frostgrave demo table

Massive Old School Warhammer Fantasy game from The Bunker.

Superb terrain

French Indian War, just looking at the table makes you feel cold.

Like a Stonewall Wargames Group - Battle of the Snow Shoes

Finally I got to talk to Carl from Second Thunder who wrote and published Open Combat, he took me through a game of OC against Dave Luff (Sorry Dave) which let me to think that table size is very important and when we played before our table was too big.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Wars of The Roses cavalry

I foolishly thought I would start 2016 by building and painting my two boxes of Perry cavalry, the Men at Arms I bought in December 2014 and the light cavalry at Salute, last April, about time they were completed.

The build was done quickly in the first few days of the year then the painting slowed to a crawl, finally finished just in time as my March project is a box of Perry Napoleonic British infantry.

Lances where masked with Tamiya tape, with hindsight I should have done this before gluing the arms on!

These are going to see action in Lion Rampant as Men at Arms or Serjeants in units of six.

Mounted Yeoman and Mounted Crossbows.

Just perhaps some mounted leaders and maybe a cannon might complete this project.

The statues are alive!

The Living Museum scenario in the Frostgrave rule book calls for six statues on plinths which will come alive as players snatch the treasure.

I had some resin pillars from the old TSS scenics range, for the plinths I wanted the pillars from GWs Mines of Moria boxed set, these go for silly money on eBay. After searching for ages I found these plastic pipe caps in B&Q. These statues are Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns which were found in the lead stash.