Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 Review

It seems it's a popular thing to review your year, your gaming and painting;

Curtesy of the Too Fat Lardies painting challenge ran on the Viz Lardica website, you can see a gallery of all my painting and modelling completed last year.

So plenty of painting but a bit more gaming would improve things, both D&D, as I still to find or form a local group and wargaming generally. I didn't put much down in the blog by way of predictions or plans last year other than wanting to do Wars of The Roses in 28mm, which happened so this year I am going to be more planned and direct;

Cavalry for Wars of The Roses
More Napoleonics in anticipation of Sharpe Practice 2
Complete rebasing of 6mm Austrians
Complete armies for Sudan campaign
Paint 6mm ACW Confederates

I am going to space these out during the year, probably adding bits and pieces in for Frostgrave for a change of pace. I'd also like to complete my Cold War Soviets and think about collecting some US but that's definately a back burner.

I am going to avoid adding too much to the lead / plastic mountain this year, I'm hoping for a year of finishing things off, I'll see in 12 months how I did.

To get the new year off to a flying start, I have assembled the Perry cavalry boxes and build another 4ground building, on this one I managed to glue two of the external timber frames to the wrong walls and had to peel them apart after setting overnight. It looks like I got away with it but it might have made the whole thing a little more 'medieval'.

We have also given an outing to Black Plague - the medieval version of Zombiecide. The game plays with similar mechanics, great fun and lots of laughter amongst the players. We abandoned the first game after it became clear we were all going to be eaten. The second game was better, we planned more and in the photo below our plans were becoming unraveled. Luckily we managed to clear the path to claiming the final objective and win the game but with only two survivors.