Monday, 30 November 2015

More Bones!

Alas no finished painting this week as I've had a busy weekend. I had a wet day in Cardiff but found the time to pop to the not so new Firestorm Games store, just a stones throw from the original. Here's a shot of the retail area, lots of great stock and a good selection of paints.

The gaming centre is run separately and has an alcohol licence too. Lots of tables in a clean and bright environment.

I picked up some more paints and the Mantic Dungeon Saga furniture pack as well as picking up a package of Reaper Bones left for me by Annie, the Dice Bag Lady.

I think the furniture pack is great, hard plastic with no visible casting lines. The chests all have separate lids, I'd definately by another pack even if I don't need multiples of the throne and well. Recommended.

The Reaper Bones range is a great source for monsters for D&D and games like Frostgrave or Otherworld skirmish. I've added a couple of Mantic zombie trolls I picked up recently whilst Northstar had them on offer.

In the above photo you will also find a Purple Worm, Brass Bull. Chthon, Imp, Dire Wolves, Marsh Troll, Roper, Gelatinous Cube, Ankheg, Clay, Flesh and Stone Golems. These are already undercoated and will be fun to paint.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fantasy scenics

Here's a few finished scenic bits and pieces I've picked up recently. First up here they are in a little scene on the painting table with some miniatures.

The treasure is the Cursed Treasure from Ristuls Market available in the UK from The Dice Bag Lady while the ruins, statue and barricade are from Dreamholme Scenics.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Frostgrave Adventurers

Just as I finish my Frostgrave adventurers, the postman drops off a parcel from Northstar containing my Nickstarter for the 'Thaw of the Lichelord', before I show the contents, here's the finished adventurers.

I have tried to give myself a good selection of models in all the standard types. I've included some female heads from statuesque miniatures, available from The Dice Bag Lady.

First up there's the new book. This is a campaign with some new henchmen, magic and monsters to fight. 

Here's one of the new sprues. Included are some bits and pieces to make zombies from both these and original adventurers set as well as a selection of weapons and many heads.

Resin treasure tokens and The Dark Cauldron. The cauldron walls are quite thin, I'm going to add a couple of coats of Mr Surfacer paint-on filler to try and thicken the sides.

Lich Wizard and Apprentice, again great sculpts.

Bard and Mule

Frost Wraith and Templar (free with the Nickstarter)

I've added these to my order, I needed a couple of Snow Trolls. I'll try and bend one of the arms so they aren't identical. There are only a couple of bits I need to complete the original bestiary now, I have some Reaper Bones to pick up in a few weekends.

Monday, 16 November 2015

I sat in a Vulcan ....

The Jet Age museum has opened recently in nearby Staverton, the museum particularly focuses on Gloster aircraft. Here's a few shots from my phone, I'm going back soon with a proper camera.

Gloster Javelin

Gloster Meteor

Gloster E28

Gloster Gamecock

More Meteors

Later variant with a radar

Harrier two seat trainer cockpit

Here's the Vulcan. It was recovered from an aircraft broken for spares, the nose was painted silver and painted silver as a rocket and placed as a rocket pointing upwards. When Jet Age got it, they stripped the paint and discovered a well preserved interior.

Climb up the crew hatch and there's a tight squeeze and then you are in the pilot and co-pilot positions.

Tiny Windows

Behind you is the seating for the Navigator and Flight Engineer.

Please forgive the quality of the photos as they are taken from my phone in poor lighting.