Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute photos

First up here is our game for the day. First Battle of Ypres, the attacking Germans got in to the British trenches, as previously all terrain and models by Kallistra.

Just down from us where the Crooked Dice demo tables, all intricate dioramas fantastically modelled. The 'Ghostbusters' was my favourite of the day.

Spartan Games rarely attend shows and when they do it's to showcase their games rather than sell. With demo tables for all their games they were also demonstrating the forthcoming Halo fleet battles game, it was certainly impressive and anyone ordered the game on the day took a limited edition bust home.

In cabinets they also had samples models from next years ground combat game.

Covenant grunts

Spartans and below UNSC.

Alas my Warthog photo isn't quite in ficus but it completes the set so I've included it.

Too Fat Lardies were demoing their forthcoming Ultra Modern CoC variant 'Fighting Season', this puts the action in modern Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here's a close up of the terrain Rich made for his demo's. I've suitable miniatures and terrain in 20mm so this is a very likely purchase.

The Stringray game last saw Salute about 15 years ago, here it is again with improved models.

Great Escape Games have a forthcoming WW2 rule set titles 'Iron Cross', they built a demo table using 4ground buildings including their massive new church.

Some of the components of La Haye Sainte are included in the table below.

Here's another version of that iconic farm, this time in 15mm.

Mordanburg, loads of detail here.

The Adobe range look great too.

Here is the complete 28mm La Haye Sainte, this thing is massive, 

I made a quick visit to Pete at Baccus, Pete was very excited about his new Napoleon personality set, it's a cracker and I believe it sold out at the show too

This fantastic 28mm WW2,made you feel cold just looking at it.

This tremendous AWI game caught everyone's eye, the ships are incredible.

The Beasts of War website and community build this Assualt on Hoth game, it was mobbed all day.

Ancients action with To The Strongest!

Two new sets of Three Musketeers figures were available, no doubt inspired by the BBC serial. The Warabses figures were more faithful to the TV show wilst Ainsty Castings were more like the Richard Lester films from my childhood. Alas both sets were not to my taste, either tall and spindly or a bit squat. I'm going to set my swashbuckling games in the time of the Armada and good queen Bess.

Salute 2015

The worst thing about Salute is the early start, this coupled with the long day meant I was knackered by the end of it. Next year definately looking at staying over Friday night.

This year practically everything was preordered, I just had to pick it up. Despite many tempting things I managed to come home with cash. This years haul included;

  • Two 4ground Tudor style buildings and their matching paint set
  • Baccus mounted and dismounted camel corp and cavalry for the Sudan project plus a few samples of their Early Imperial Romans.
  • Foundry Swashbucklers
  • Perry WoTR standard bearers and new plastic light cavalry set
  • Trent miniatures Vendee rebel leaders
  • Finally the obligatory bag of bases from Warbases including a few of their resin cobblestones.
I have a small selection of photos, taken on my phone that I will post up on my next post.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

More archers and little friends from long ago

Next up on the painting pile were more Archers in padded gambesons.

Alas not the best photo as it was late, I will do a big group shot when they are all finished. Now for a change I rebased some of my 6mm Adler Austrians.

The once 30 strong Blankenstein hussars are now split, I've split off 10, repainted the shakos and they are now the Lichenstein hussars, the remains of the Blakensteins now form a large sized unit on a double sized base.

My skirmish groups of Jagers are now split across four bases, rebasing the infantry is much more fiddly but I hope the have a unit finished soon.

We played the first game of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, I still need to reorganise all the game pieces and make sure I know what to do for the next installment.