Saturday, 19 December 2015

Warlord 28mm Napoleonic Late French Infantry - a mini review

 Last year at the Derby show, we had a sprue of French Infantry in our carrier bag. It's taken all this time for me to think about painting them, a recent couple of games of Sharp Practice 2 may have helped.

I believe these figures represent infantry in post 1812 uniforms albeit in greatcoats, which does make for easier painting. With no tunics showing, the changes will be reflected in the changes to the shakos. Let's face it when you are in a game you are not going to notice the subtle changes.

This box comes with five of the six figure sprues plus a selection of metals for the command. I'm only going to comment on the plastics as they are the ones I have.

The sprues comprise six marching figures, two have flank company epulettes, six backpacks of which two have sabres again for the flank companies. There are ten heads, either in shako or covered shako with a single example of a  bare head and a forage cap.

I believe Warlord might have their own tool makers rather than use Renedra like the Perrys and I think the figures suffer for it. The bodies have sprue connections at the base, arm and on the neck join, the latter connection is awkward to clean up. The heads also have two connections to the side and base of the neck. Warlord use a flat join rather than ball joint, which has less poseability, with both pieces needing cleanup you will have to take care to get a good fit.

I have mounted my figures onto some large nails with my glue gun, I attempted to do much of the base coating with my airbrush. First up the shakos and packs were primed black and the rest of the model white, in reality the pressure needed for the Vallejo primer meant the black got a lot of overspray.

Followed up with more black, off white for the trousers then grey or brown for the greatcoats. 

The models are completed by hand with the normal mix of Vallejo, Foundry etc.

Overall, once painted I'm very happy with them, the minimal assembly was a major bonus. Take care with the neck joints.

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Vladgothic said...

Nice job on those :-)

I made the decision to sell mine last year, 160 figures in total :-/

Not to worry I have plenty of 6mm!