Monday, 30 November 2015

More Bones!

Alas no finished painting this week as I've had a busy weekend. I had a wet day in Cardiff but found the time to pop to the not so new Firestorm Games store, just a stones throw from the original. Here's a shot of the retail area, lots of great stock and a good selection of paints.

The gaming centre is run separately and has an alcohol licence too. Lots of tables in a clean and bright environment.

I picked up some more paints and the Mantic Dungeon Saga furniture pack as well as picking up a package of Reaper Bones left for me by Annie, the Dice Bag Lady.

I think the furniture pack is great, hard plastic with no visible casting lines. The chests all have separate lids, I'd definately by another pack even if I don't need multiples of the throne and well. Recommended.

The Reaper Bones range is a great source for monsters for D&D and games like Frostgrave or Otherworld skirmish. I've added a couple of Mantic zombie trolls I picked up recently whilst Northstar had them on offer.

In the above photo you will also find a Purple Worm, Brass Bull. Chthon, Imp, Dire Wolves, Marsh Troll, Roper, Gelatinous Cube, Ankheg, Clay, Flesh and Stone Golems. These are already undercoated and will be fun to paint.

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