Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Frostgrave Adventurers

Just as I finish my Frostgrave adventurers, the postman drops off a parcel from Northstar containing my Nickstarter for the 'Thaw of the Lichelord', before I show the contents, here's the finished adventurers.

I have tried to give myself a good selection of models in all the standard types. I've included some female heads from statuesque miniatures, available from The Dice Bag Lady.

First up there's the new book. This is a campaign with some new henchmen, magic and monsters to fight. 

Here's one of the new sprues. Included are some bits and pieces to make zombies from both these and original adventurers set as well as a selection of weapons and many heads.

Resin treasure tokens and The Dark Cauldron. The cauldron walls are quite thin, I'm going to add a couple of coats of Mr Surfacer paint-on filler to try and thicken the sides.

Lich Wizard and Apprentice, again great sculpts.

Bard and Mule

Frost Wraith and Templar (free with the Nickstarter)

I've added these to my order, I needed a couple of Snow Trolls. I'll try and bend one of the arms so they aren't identical. There are only a couple of bits I need to complete the original bestiary now, I have some Reaper Bones to pick up in a few weekends.