Monday, 12 October 2015

Derby, Kickstarters and painting.

I'm rolling up three posts in to one as I've not managed to get the earlier posts written.

A couple of weekends ago, Ade and I popped in his car  and took the trip up to Donnington Park. The venue is a great improvement on both of the university and the Hexagon. A good queue met us as we parked up which got moving and soon we were inside.

We made a great effort to go up and down the Isles to see all the traders, I particularly wanted to check out 15mm ancients, looking for size matches with the Forged in Battle Gauls. Alas the Blue Moon figures at Old Glory were too big, they are very nice, Donnington proved to be a good match and I'll send them an order before the end of the year. Alas we didn't find the Open Combat table.

My haul at the end of the day included another 4ground building, a few more reaper bones, Foundry peasants and more foam trays. Most of my cash went to Annie, the Dice Bag Lady, she had some Frostgrave bits and then I succumbed to the temptation and bought the Otherworld fantasy skirmish game along with the cards and counters.

Wargames Emporium had painted three up versions of the new cultists, these come out next month. I've got a box coming on the Nickstarter along with some freebies.

This was probably my favourite game of the show, even if it is Bolt Action, good looking terrain and not too much kit on the table.

Coming home, the postman had tried to deliver a parcel, my 'Return of the Monsters' Kickstarter had turned up from Heresy Miniatures. Much of this is multi part so I won't have any decent photos till I have at least assembled them. To come we have giant maggots, waspquitos, a Minotaur, a vampire and a cyclops. Watch this space.

I have been busy assembling my Frostgrave soldiers, a few now have female heads too. Here's a couple of new beasts.

Northstar Large Constuct

Reaper Bones Werewolf - a big model, very imposing.

Hopefully I will have more skeletons finished this week as well as treasure piles from Ristuls Market.