Monday, 28 September 2015

It's all Greek to me?

These Victrix Greeks have been finished for a couple of weeks now but I've wanted to put some static grass on the bases and I needed something more faded out.

Armoured Mercenary hoplites, I messed up one of the LBMS decals and didn't have a spare so I left one blank. They were to be honest a right pain in the arse to do, faced with doing a couple of hundred for my Gauls in 15mm, I decided against it.

Unarmoured hoplites.

Peltasts and javelin men.

Slingers and archers, these are going to be used for Open Combat and 7th Voyage.

I've founded and painted a few more Mantic undead, ghouls and zombies, shown here on my new 4ground ruin.

And there was another 4ground building to bring me up to 4.

I had a short holiday down in Devon this last week and visited Dartmouth castle, steeped in history from the Hundred Years' War to WW2, great stuff and bound to inspire some scenarios.


Phil said...

Fantastic hoplites!

Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely wonderful Greeks and taken by the 4Ground ruin, which has reminded me that I bought one in the summer, but where have I put it?

Stuart S said...

Very nice Paul, it will be good to see these on the table....