Saturday, 5 September 2015

Frostgrave metals and more

When Northstar ran their Nickstarter campaign for the release of Frostgrave, I backed the level which would get me the rule book, the plastic soldier box and a wizard pack. To this I added another couple of wizard sets and got the free treasure tokens and bonus models.

Lazily I have let myself be quite influenced by the paint schemes on the adverts for these. We have from left to right, the Elementalists, Summoners and Necromancers. These figures are excellently sculpted and well cast, very easy to paint.

This next group are a mixed selection, book ending the group are two Crusader Norman crossbowmen, then from the left a Harlequin Mage, Salute Richard the Lionheart, Frostgrave Knight freebie and Crusader 'Templar' freebie, finally an old Citadel Barbarian that had been in the lead mountain for years.

The Frostgrave package came with a selection of metal and resin items for use as treasure tokens, in the game each players needs three.

From ebayer trader 'thegamingcave', now running a kickstarter for more toads and stirges, we have a giant toad and some bone debris piles.

More models from eBay, from '2ndCityGames' a large mastiff in the centre, flanked my some brown bears and snow leopards, in the front hyenas. The bears are a little small but the others are sized just right.

Needing some zombies, I picked up a regiment pack of Mantic zombies, these are great models made all the more grizzly by the application of Citadel blood paint. For more variety it is possible to mixed these up with the ghouls.

Again more Mantic, the skeletons look small on their sprues but assembled are painted, they look the park. There isn't too much variety in how they can be assembled but they are easy to put together and they are in proportion with their weapons, I've another ten of these as well as more zombies and ghouls to come.

This giant snake is a plastic board game piece from one of the D&D board games.

These models have all appeared here before but here they are again, a mix of Reaper bones and D&D plastics.

Finally again to complete the set my three large D&D models, with my 4ground houses in the background. The cobblestone surface is a cloth mat printed by Deep Cut studios in Poland. We did a club order and got a selection of mats, they game quickly and we were all really pleased with them.


Stuart S said...

Nothing for weeks and then you drop this little lot, you have been busy.

Michael Awdry said...

Wow! Very nice indeed.

Michael Mills said...

Wonderful stuff. My elementalist, summoner and plastic troops are in the post. This is great inspiration thanks!

joe5mc said...

Looks like you're ready to take some warbands into the Frozen City! Great work!