Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Farewell to Kelham Hall

This weekend saw us load up Ade's car for the trip to Partizan, a show I'd not been to for a few years, this was to be the last show at this venue, so we made the trip for old times sake.

Historically Partizan was always the place for Wargames eye candy, I'm not too sure that's a claim they can make any more, but there were some good, some bad and some awful. They were all let down by the main hall being extremely dark.

A particular fun highlight was the minions racing game as shown below.

I'd gone with a small list and was relatively successful.

A couple more 4ground buildings
War and Empire 15mm Gauls
A couple of 'Temporal Adventurers' from Crooked Dice
Fenris Games Harpies.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the first pack of Gallic infantry, all the figures in the pack are different, some have different shields or extra javelins etc, no two the same.

There is a few models that need their hands drilling out for the javelins, under the magnifying lamp, I can see clear indents to help with the drilling out. These are going to be great to paint but don't expect tartans and checks.


Vladgothic said...

A shame to hear of it no longer being at the hall. Do you know of its new location?

Paul said...

It's not officially announced but will suspect Newark show ground were they have hammerhead in March, a good light aired venue.

Vladgothic said...

Not visited there, will have to keep an eye open.