Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pre-painted fantasy figures

There are a large selection of pre-painted fantasy figures available, made by Wizards of the Coast amongst others for the D&D and Pathfinder role playing games. Some of these figures are 'collectable' and as such have a premium, others are very reasonably prices.

I have touched some of these up and redone the bases. First up is a Snow Ape, just the sort of beast to be found wandering the ruins streets of Frostgrave.

This next model is enormous yet was only a few quid on eBay, I see this as an animated stone construct.

This next lethal beast is a Hook Horror, a denizen of 'underdark', again some repainting.

Finally, a Toad Demon, perfect as a summoned demon for Frostgrave, another enormous model.

Models can be picked up on eBay or often at shows where you can have a rummage through available figures.

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