Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rocky Outcrops

For a while i had been thinking of buying the Rocky Outcrop terrain box from Gale Force 9, the set was pre-painted and just just pop it on the table. Unfortunately I missed the only box at Salute and I believe that this set is out of production.

I found another company making their own similar product Tiny Worlds who have both a webstore and an eBay store. The webstore is cheaper but the eBay store price is inclusive of shipping.

The castings came quickly and we well packed and full of detail. After some grey tones and some washes, I added tufts and flock. I can see these being good for 28mm skirmish games such as Open Combat or Frostgrave where you want to drop some line of sight blocking terrain on the table.


Phyllion said...

Ah, tiny worlds have their own website now? I found them on eBay ages ago and got some nifty dry stone walling but hadn't seen them for a while.

Stuart S said...

Those are great Paul.
Good link, Cheers