Sunday, 14 June 2015

OML3 The Lardest Day

Since coming back from my holiday in the wilds of Northumbria my painting time has been dedicated to finishing off models and preparing the scenario etc. for my Sharp Practice Wars of the Roses game, which happened last Saturday at OML 3: "The Lardest Day". The OML events are organised by great mate Ade and are inspired and dedicated to the rule sets of Too Fat Lardies.

My game was set after the events of Barnet and Tewkesbury, the Earl of Oxford had fled the country and had taken to raiding and piracy, on one of his raids he is intercepted before he can return to his ships by a Yorkist force, here commanded by Richard, Duke of York himself. The Yorkists with initially smaller forces have to delay the Lancastrians until the remainder of their forces arrive and can defeat them.

The rules used were Sharp Practice using modifications proposed by Pat Smith in a TFL holiday special, they worked well although the crossbows were found to be underpowered, I may tinker a little with them and the handgun rules for future games. I still have mounted figures to assemble and paint as well as another dozen dismounted Men-at-Arms which I might try and chop up to give more variety in poses.

Needless to say we had a great day of gaming, some great looking games covering Medievals, Napoleonics, Russo-Japanese War, WW2, and the Cold War.  We also had a preview of Rich's latest project Fighting Season - a Chain of Command variant covering more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gaming was followed by beer, curry and banter. Pop over to Ade's blog for more info and photos.

The day and evening were great, this is why we game and why we play the sorts of games we do. We never have any difficulties filling up with games or people to play them.

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