Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Back from Northumbria and more Wars of the Roses painting

I'm back from a week in Northumbria, just spitting distance from Hadrian's Wall, got lots of photos and I will post them up when I've had a chance. We had a great time, walked some of the wall and visited some museums, I also managed both the new Uhtred paperback from Bernard Cornwell and the latest Macro and Cato paperback from Simon Scrarrow.

Getting back in the saddle with some more painting for my upcoming Wars of the Roses game;

12 Mercenary crossbowmen with a Flemish standard and an armoured leader plus various dismounted Men at Arms completes the foot for now. I will be returning to these later in the summer to add mounted elements and some more dismounted Mmen at Arms.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

May Day update

Here is the latest batch of painting, I meant to upload last weekend but just left the photos loaded on a draft post. Two more groups of archers / livery men. These will all be interspersed with the others.

As a change of pace my Adler rebasing continues. Generals and first infantry battalion.

Curaisser regiments