Monday, 16 March 2015

I had a birthday!

It's been a fairly quiet week on the painting front, thanks to my birthday and Mothers day. I have managed to start on the archers for Wars of the Roses and I working on a deadline now as I have a game arranged in a months time.

Meanwhile I'm still moving the Sudan project on, I needed some buildings so we could represent small settlements in the game, I choose these from Baccus, nice crisp castings and straight forward to paint.

I have been hunting for small scale Palm trees for a while too and managed to get a box of 100 from China for £8, I was initially concerned they were too tall but I'm happy with them now, date palms, just one variety of hundreds, averages 30', other varieties can reach 150'. I may make up some oasis pieces as well.

I don't normally get gaming related stuff for my birthday but I did get a copy of Mike Snook's excellent 'Go Strong into the Desert' and plenty of Salute spending vouchers.

Despite many tempting diversions, I am endeavouring to stick to my Wars of the Roses and Sudan projects, the shopping list for Salute shows that with the new Perry's medieval light cavalry and British cavalry and Camel Corps from Baccus. Bound to be some Warbases stuff too!

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Phyllion said...

It's an excellent book, well worth the investment. Nice buildings and palms.