Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hammerhead, Newark

Last weekend we took an contingent from the Wyvern Wargamers up to the Newark show ground for the Hammerhead show, a special feature of the show was that all the games were participation. The venue was light and airy, a big change from a cramped sports hall. There was a good mix of traders and a tabletop sale.

Our game was a recreation of 'Samurai Blades' using hexxon terrain and Steve Barber 40mm models.

I managed to keep my spending under control, bringing back a few blisters of Billmen, some more Baccus Sudan figures and some War of the Roses flags. I had a good look at Blucher, almost cracked but the game scale is too high for my taste, musket range being about 3" for volley fire. I am going to redo my Napoleonics, rebasing or replacing my Austrians.

The postman delivered my copy of the Angel Giraldez painting book, this is a fab book with a very limited edition figure. Lots to learn and try out here.

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