Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Finally some archers ....

Archers are the next focus for the Wars of the Roses project, first up I've pulled out the armoured models, no liveries on these but a couple of the bucklers are coloured.

Next up are a dozen of so in padded gambesons, some will be natural others will be liveried.

I've wanted some palm trees for the Sudan project, scouring the internet I found some but they were expensive, I did find some 'made in China' £8 for approximately 100.

This weekend should see the debut of Star Wars Imperial Assault, I've already got some of the add-one to pick up. Thoughts after the weekend.

I have been looking to start another 6mm Napoleonic army, I was looking at Prussians, British or another Austrian force. I have decided to rebase my existing Adler Miniatures Austrians, it's going to be a long and fiddly job but before too long I shall have rebuilt the I Corps for Wagram and Aspern Essling.


The Kiwi said...

Those Archers are very nice. Great bunch of trees as well. cheers

Stuart S said...

A real bargin Paul.
Archers look cracking - need to get on with my stuff for Lardie day on two months away...... eek.

lee woo said...

Archers are pretty focused. See the link below for more info.


Silvia Jacinto said...

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