Saturday, 7 March 2015

February / March Painting

Here's a quick workbench shot, there's a window to the left and two lamps with daylight bulbs. Paints are in racks bought from Troll Trader at Salute last year.

Unfortunately single figures don't always look great when enlarged. Here's my female spanish guerilla from Elite Miniatures.

Recently I've been painting billmen, most of these are plastics apart from the standing or attacking poses which are Perrys metals. The flag belongs to Richard of Gloucester before he became Richard III.

More billmen, this time another Oxford banner.

Finally here's the collection so far, left I. The box are the archers, crossbowmen and the last of the dismounted men-are-arms. Next for painting are some rather nice 6mm Middle Eastern buildings from Baccus destined for the Sudan.

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Phyllion said...

The WOTR look ace, Paul