Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bletchley Park

I recently had the chance to visit Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes, an awkward drive for me as it's tricky to go east but the story of the contribution made to the success of WW2 was fascinating.

Here's the house, it's a mix of architectural styles due to its eccentric owners.

Here's an example of an Enigma machine, without the over formulaic nature of the messages or the silly errors by operators we wouldn't have had some much success.

The British used the 'Type-X' itself a licences version of Enigma with 5 rather than 3 rotors. This meant that when captured by the Germans, they made no attempt to use them to break British codes based on the "fact" that the Enigna with 3 rotors was unbreakable and this was even more secure.

Inside the replica Bombe.

The front of the replica Bombe.

A fascinating visit made even better by the volunteer guides, we were there almost six hours and still had more to see. I would recommend it if you have the opportunity.

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