Saturday, 14 February 2015

Watch the skies

This week I finished off my 15mm US Paratroopers for Chain of Command, these are mainly made up of the plastics from the Open Fire starter box supplemented with some metals. They are painted with the post D-Day uniform.

Alongside the later three squad platoon, we have all three engineer supports, additional mortar and bazooka teams, a sniper team and forward observer.

I have painted all the spare models too, the basing is for the urban ruins of Market Garden or Bastogne although I drew the line at snow bases.

Four new battalions, including one of Royal Marines have been raised for service in the Sudan along with a small unit representing the armoured bodyguard for Hicks Pasha, these were taken from the Mahdist command strips, the remainder painted as Mahdist leaders.

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Stuart S said...

Just working on my Winter cloth, so could double these up for the Ardennes if you fancy it?