Monday, 2 February 2015

The Battle of Shaikan

Having got hold of the Blood on the Nile, we'd decided to get what figures we had painted so far and chuck them on the table and see how Black Powder played for this period.

I was quite impressed with what we'd got painted, Dane had cracked on painting Mahdists and Egyptians so looking at the scenarios we almost had enough to do Shaikan and see if Hicks Pasha can save his honour. In reality all we were missing was the cavalry elements for the Egyptians and I scouring the other ranges for suitable proxies.

Alas 6mm is not too photogenic especially in this context but the shot above shows the full column on table with the rear regiment turned to face the trailing brigade of Mahdists which in the end we never brought on. In the end we hit them on three flanks with the ferocity of the warbands (and their rerolls) winning the combats, it will not be so easy against the British. The game was great fun and was a vindication for our choice of scale. We are considering a linked game with a 6mm Black Powder game linked to a 28mm Sharp Practice game, perhaps a besieged advanced party waiting for their relief column, both beset by hordes of Mahdists.

All figures were unit based, 30mm square for artillery, 30mm x 60mm for formed infantry and 60mm square for warbands. Unit basing is definately the way forward in this scale. 

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