Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mercenaries are coming!

I have settled on a black and yellow scheme for my mercenary contingent for my Wars of the Roses forces, I have a flag for them too from the Perry's instruction sheet.

I have been trying to track down various proxies for the Sudan collection, from the Baccus Mahdist command strips, I shall use the armoured figures as Turco-Circassian Heavy cavalry, the spear armed troops as Bashing-bazooks, the Arab horse will be taken from the main Mahdist horse strips. The Egyptian Regular Cavalry are proving a problem as like the infantry they have a minimum of kit and are wearing the fez, could I take a scalpel blade to a kept and cut off the peak?


Mark G said...

Those look great Paul.

The Kiwi said...

Great looking bunch of handgunners. Top job. cheers

Stuart S said...

Looking good Paul, looking forward to seeing these on the table.