Thursday, 8 January 2015

Open Combat

I recently bought the Open Combat rules from Second Thunder when they had a launch offer. This Sunday was the first opportunity we'd had to fit them into our gaming schedule. We decided on 150 points as a start.

I took my points and spent them building a small Orc warband using my Reaper Bones figures, all have different weapons and included a archer and some abilities. Facing me, Dane built six Greek hoplites, all tough characters.

Dane initially put his figures in to two group whilst I tried to defeat in detail, however they moved around making an Orc sandwich!

In the end the Orcs met their breakpoint first, we liked the way that the fortitude crept down with combat then dropped further when the figure died and you reduced the breakpoint with the Mind value.

As always we made mistakes, spears only ever cause one hit and we forgot about follow ups after pushbacks. Spears appeared to be overpowered but playing them right should fix that. Looking forward to another game, perhaps I'll dig out some Romans.

Meanwhile on the painting front, I have assembled, based and primed my forces for Lion Rampant. The next post will give some details of my forces and their historical origins.

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