Monday, 26 January 2015

Blood on the Nile

The publication of Blood on the Nile by Warlord Games, has kicked me back in to my Baccus Sudan figures for a game at Wyvern Wargamers. We are starting off with some games with initial actions with Hicks Pasha before British involvement.

Unfortunately there are still some gaps in the Sudan range, Pete at Baccus promises some new colonial releases this year, fingers crossed for Naval Brigade and more Sudanese. So we are co-opted some Brits.

Here's the artillery, from the back, Royal Artilery, Naval Brigage with Nordenfelts and Mahdists with captured guns.

Baggage camels are a must for desert convoys.

British Mounted Officers

Here's the beginning of the Wars of the Roses collection. The standard is the Lancastrian de Vere, Earl of Oxford. His red and livery matches that of Richard Beauchamp who commanded Gloucester and forced Margaret of Anjou to battle at Tewkesbury.

The liveried troops will be split between red / yellow and murry / blue, with extra standards I can combine them in to one large host or split them in two for smaller games. The handgunners and crossbowmen are to be painted black / yellow as Flemish mercenaries.


Phyllion said...

WOTR look fab, Paul

Michael Peterson said...

I agree w Phyllion, I love the WOTR figures. I could get into the Sudan at that scale, it looks brilliant and reasonably feasible.