Thursday, 1 January 2015

Another New Year post .....

Many bloggers are posting their end of year reviews are sharing their plans for 2015. Looking back 12 months, I can see I largely failed in most of my goals, due to many reasons but that's life. All those projects are still waiting and will see some paint during the year.

I didn't enter the 2014 TFL painting challenge this year but a quick tot up scores me at approximately 1032 points these included

149 28mm figures
65 15mm foot figures
219 12mm foot and 61 figures
240 6mm foot figures

There was also some rebasing and a couple of terrain pieces.

Currently I'm busy making up Perry plastic Wars of the Roses figures, after not really getting this part of history for years, I've been reading around the period and it's making sense especially for the sort of games I want to play, small skirmishes using Lion Rampant and Sharp Practice.

I'm looking to put together two forces both based on local nobles that I could combine to a larger force if needed, with mercenaries providing crossbowmen and handgunners. I've a small mounted contingent and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the Light Cavalry box from Perry Miniatures that Renedra have been previewing on YouTube recently.


Stuart S said...

That's quite a haul Paul.
Looking forward to giving them a bash this year.

Phyllion said...

Looking good Paul - interesting project and well furnished with plastics

Michael Awdry said...

Look at all those splendid foot knights! Happy New Year Sir.