Monday, 26 January 2015

Blood on the Nile

The publication of Blood on the Nile by Warlord Games, has kicked me back in to my Baccus Sudan figures for a game at Wyvern Wargamers. We are starting off with some games with initial actions with Hicks Pasha before British involvement.

Unfortunately there are still some gaps in the Sudan range, Pete at Baccus promises some new colonial releases this year, fingers crossed for Naval Brigade and more Sudanese. So we are co-opted some Brits.

Here's the artillery, from the back, Royal Artilery, Naval Brigage with Nordenfelts and Mahdists with captured guns.

Baggage camels are a must for desert convoys.

British Mounted Officers

Here's the beginning of the Wars of the Roses collection. The standard is the Lancastrian de Vere, Earl of Oxford. His red and livery matches that of Richard Beauchamp who commanded Gloucester and forced Margaret of Anjou to battle at Tewkesbury.

The liveried troops will be split between red / yellow and murry / blue, with extra standards I can combine them in to one large host or split them in two for smaller games. The handgunners and crossbowmen are to be painted black / yellow as Flemish mercenaries.

Monday, 19 January 2015

A small problem with dogs ......

Last night at Wyvern I played Armada era Spanish as they battled against Werewolves using the Songs of Blades and Heroes. SoBH is similar to last times Open Combat but where that is more attritional, characters losing effectiveness, in SoBH models die much quicker.

The Spanish veterans comprised their captain, three swordsman and three arquebusiers. The aim of the game was to seize three groups of sheep and kill any werewolves.

A quick trip in to the field seizes the first group of sheep.

One man takes the booty of the 'table edge' to score whilst the others advance on the next group. Out of camera the wolves advance with their longer moves.

Whilst returning to the group, the Lond swordsman is suprised by a werewolf. He manages to hold his own whilst others come to his aid.

The second group is seized and moved towards the table edge, the Spanish fire their weapons rather ineffectively. Several retreat from the pack leader, leading one man for 'chum'.

The lone wolf is down and surrounded, before long it's killed.

While the second flock is taken off table, the remains of the pack storms towards the Spaniards.

With the death of the prone wolf, the pack recoils in shock.

Before long they regain their nerve, the Spaniards start to fail their activation rolls.

In an attempt to stop then Wolves once and for all the Spanish charge in, the remaining wolves advance.

Wolves and a Spaniard are knocked prone, the Spaniard is killed.

More Wolves charge in. More casualties.

After killing two Wolves, seizing two flocks, the Spanish meet their breakpoint and flee off the table with the Captain the last to be killed. A great game, could have gone either way.

Finally got some figures finished after running out of varnish, here's the first 12 models for my French Companie de la Marine, from Warlord / Conquest games. Just another 20 to paint and I'll have both regular and irregulars for Muskets and Tomahawks.

I've managed to get a copy of 'Blood on the Nile', I've pulled some more 6mm figures out to paint for another Black Powder game in two weeks.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Open Combat

I recently bought the Open Combat rules from Second Thunder when they had a launch offer. This Sunday was the first opportunity we'd had to fit them into our gaming schedule. We decided on 150 points as a start.

I took my points and spent them building a small Orc warband using my Reaper Bones figures, all have different weapons and included a archer and some abilities. Facing me, Dane built six Greek hoplites, all tough characters.

Dane initially put his figures in to two group whilst I tried to defeat in detail, however they moved around making an Orc sandwich!

In the end the Orcs met their breakpoint first, we liked the way that the fortitude crept down with combat then dropped further when the figure died and you reduced the breakpoint with the Mind value.

As always we made mistakes, spears only ever cause one hit and we forgot about follow ups after pushbacks. Spears appeared to be overpowered but playing them right should fix that. Looking forward to another game, perhaps I'll dig out some Romans.

Meanwhile on the painting front, I have assembled, based and primed my forces for Lion Rampant. The next post will give some details of my forces and their historical origins.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Another New Year post .....

Many bloggers are posting their end of year reviews are sharing their plans for 2015. Looking back 12 months, I can see I largely failed in most of my goals, due to many reasons but that's life. All those projects are still waiting and will see some paint during the year.

I didn't enter the 2014 TFL painting challenge this year but a quick tot up scores me at approximately 1032 points these included

149 28mm figures
65 15mm foot figures
219 12mm foot and 61 figures
240 6mm foot figures

There was also some rebasing and a couple of terrain pieces.

Currently I'm busy making up Perry plastic Wars of the Roses figures, after not really getting this part of history for years, I've been reading around the period and it's making sense especially for the sort of games I want to play, small skirmishes using Lion Rampant and Sharp Practice.

I'm looking to put together two forces both based on local nobles that I could combine to a larger force if needed, with mercenaries providing crossbowmen and handgunners. I've a small mounted contingent and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the Light Cavalry box from Perry Miniatures that Renedra have been previewing on YouTube recently.