Saturday, 28 June 2014

No Pasaran!

This is the first post about out next club project, 28mm Spanish Civil War, using Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command rules. We have half a dozen club members expressing an interest for different factions, Republican and Nationalist and if all else fails they will all fight amongst themselves.

In 28mm, there initially appeared to be only the very impressive looking Empress Miniatures range but with some research I have found that Riff-Raff Miniatures are selling the old Force of Arms range and Northstar also have a small range.

The range offered by Northstar comprises two unnamed International Brigade personalities and a selection of International Brigade riflemen, opposing them is a group of Moors.

Looking at the two personalities first, we have have one with a sombrero and a Browning Automatic Rifle whilst the second has a rifle and googles, both of these are excellent figures.

I also ordered the International Brigade section pack, a quick picture below then some thoughts.

According to the Northstar website, these figures are sculpted by Mark Simms and certainly fit his style. Mark has sculpted many WW2 figures, initially for Battle Honours way back and then for his own Crusader range. There are only four master "dollies" and 17 variants of these, the changes are subtle variations of head gear and blanket rolls.

You might notice one of the figures has a French Adrian style helmet and is armed with the French Chauchat machine gun. This early Light Machine Gun, served with many armies and well over a quarter of a million were produced, it served with the Belgian army until the 1930's. The Chauchat had a bad reputation, most of this would appear to have been caused by unsuccessful conversion to other calibers, in particular the US 30.06 round.

I do think that the detail on the rifles is a little weak and they are a little vague, I haven't noticed this with the Crusader range but I do only have a small selection. As a positive they did manage to fail in the counting department so I did get an extra figure.

I didn't get any of the Morrocan figures but seeing the photos on the website, there are again four "dollies" with variations on them, in particular the head gear which comprises fez and Arab headress.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time for a clear out?

I have been trying to restart my painting and gaming mojo, my spare room where I do my painting was looking a little out of control, too much stuff and not enough storage.

This weekend I took some time to have a clear out and tidy up. I have identified some projects that I won't be continuing with and I hope to move these on in the coming weeks, meanwhile I have also found 'lost' projects which I haven't seen for a while, including my large finished British Cold War forces, their Soviet counterparts and the big box of resin buildings. I'm hoping that I can use these with 'I Ain't Been Nuked Mom' - crack on Nick! I have also ordered some more paint racks to tidying up the desk space, shame they weren't still at the £5 price I paid at Salute but at £12.95 post paid from Troll Trader it's not too bad.

I took my 6mm Austrians to the club for a game of Black Powder, the scenario was based on Eckmuhl, it went quite well although the scenario would need adjustments for BP, I could have made the C in C more ponderous and the fighting in buildings rules will need another read.

I have found loads more Austrians to paint at some point in the future, along with more Romans and WW2 micro armour but there is a need to focus so I am finishing off my WW1 British this week before moving on to finish my 6mm ACW Confederates, following that I have lots of WW2 vehicles that need decals.

We have had some talk at the club recently about playing Chain of Command, using the Spanish Civil War supplement. This will be my ONLY new project until the end of 2015. We are in the research stage and I will be doing a Communist / International Brigade platoon.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Operation Market Larden 2: A Bridge Too Lard

Yesterday was the Too Fat Lardies gaming day hosted at our club, Wyvern Wargamers. This event was first held last year and was such a success we did it all again. Volunteers bringing and running their games for the benefit of those attending meant that you could try out a period or rule set you were interested in before having to invest in figures, rules or terrain.

Here's some shots from the games;

First up is Rich Clarke's very own Le Port game using his Chain of Command rules.

Jim Ibbotson's Penisular Spanish  Sharpe Practice game drew many admiring glances with its Grand Manner buildings and Perry Miniatures figures.

Mike Whittaker brought his IABSM3 game 'Bloody Omaha'.

Nick Overland's 'I Ain't been nuked Mom' brings IABSM up to the Cold War.

Nick Skinner ran 'Kiss Me Hardy'

Geoff Bond returns with Tin Star

Ade Deacon's 'Circling the Wagons' Chain of Command game was set in Benouville, also on D-Day, just down the road from Rich's game.

Simon Walker's 'Saving Mrs Ryan' brings Sharp Practice to the Indian Mutiny.

'Sydney Roundwood' brought his magnificent Verdun game 'Operation Gericht', I played in this one with Dane as we brought the Germans to a partial victory against the French.

After packing up we all retired in to Evesham for a curry, many beers and lots of chat and laughter.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

They don't shoot horses do they?

Despite painting my early Great War Britiish over Xmas, tonight is the first time I have brought them to the table. Just a small game of 'Through the Mud and Blood' by TooFatLardies. I had an under strength platoon with only three squads and a Vickers MG team, faciing me was Dane with two large units of cavalry, two large squads of infantry and a MG team.

British shooting was especially good tonight, both the units of cavalry came on table and rode in to gun fire.

Just before they dissapear behind the wood, they take casualties, they then dismount and advance through th wood.

Alas at the edge of the wood they are caught in a crossfire and are broken by the fire.

Quite a brutal game but a good result for new figures, I need to paint my cavalry and artillery and pick up some dismounted cavalry and casualties from Kallistra.

Busy doing nothing

I seem to have achieved very little hobby wise this week and tomorrow will be the second #MiniatureMonday I will have missed in a row. I did get a play test of one of the Operation Market Larden scenarios 'Circling the wagons' which was a nail biter and even though I lost, a cracking game.

It looks like we might have a small Spanish Civil War project at the club next week, I have started reading up and I've watched 'Land and Freedom' by Ken Loach, an excellent film about a British volunteer fighting for the Republicans. I can see Empress getting a bunch of cash next year.

Especially for the 'Circling the Wagons' scenario, I have airbrushed the basic colours for the German armour, Ade will finish thes off, he's got 13 days.

As I had the airbrush out I decided to pop a base tone on the the US Rangers and Delta Force figures, I will get the webbing and camo done on these this week.

Something else from the lead mountain, my 1/285th Luftwaffe aircraft for the Battle of Britain. The colour schemes on these aircraft constantly evolved during the early parts of the war and I'm still working out what I'm doing, the underside blue grey, officially RLM65 is common to all so is a good place to start.

This might get quite complicated and I'm not looking forward to masking camo in this small scale. Hopefully Tamiya tape and post-it notes will be enough.

I'm off to the club later to play 'Throught the Mud and Blood' and give my British their first outing.