Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to everyone, may your dice roll true.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lion Rampant and The Wars of the Roses

I have long admired Captain Blood's kitbashed Perry figures on the Lead Adventure Forum, mixing the parts from all four current sets to produce some excellent figures. Despite having Tewkesbury close and visited the re-enactments several times I have never been two interested in the period, I couldn't work out who the 'baddies' were.

The recent release of Lion Rampant wetted my interest for things medieval, originally I was looking at the new Agincourt set but I kept having my eyes drawn back to the WotR, four boxes and a fifth on the way.

A chance find in a charity shop began me picking up some cheap Ospreys peaked my interest further and now I own a selection of Perrys plastic boxes.

I was chatting to Matt Slade from Glenbrook Games at Warfare and he offered to drive up to take me through a game using his Perrys and Front Rank figures. Below are a selection of shots from the game

A close up of a unit of serjeants.

Here's the 24 point retinue. Two archers, one serjeants, one foot Men-at-Arms and one mounted Men- at-Arms.


Hiding behind a wood

Pesky crossbows

The enemy Men-at-Arms

No quite darkening the skies with their arrows.

A very entertaining game with virtual no need to refer to the rules during play, very quick to pick up. Great to play with Matt's figures, this is certainly going to spur me on over Xmas to get mine moving, I've already assembled 20. My goal to provide enough models for two players with a selection of units. The retinue troops are going to use red / yellow and blue / white colours as their liveries, which are the four colours on the coat of arms of the Beauchamp family who commanded Gloucester at the time of Tewkesbury and refused Margaret and the Lancastrians river crossing.

Photos when I have stuff painted.